16″ Rosewood Hand Carved Bodhrán Drum with Comfort Cross Bar

Bodhran For Sale

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16″ Rosewood Hand Carved Bodhran with case and beater

Bodhran world drums are available in tunable or non-tunable forms. This strong Goatskin hyde produces warm tones and great sub base Bodhran tones.  

The Bodhran is one of Ireland's oldest traditional musical instruments it’s actually ancient in historic frame drumming terms and a mystery how it ended up in Ireland. The Irish Bodhran is known for its earthy warm tones. We bring you an exclusive package where you can buy a bodhrán and learn how to play this iconic Irish drum 

SPECIAL OFFER: $199 (normal RRP $249) 

This Drum comes as a package and includes: 

  1. 16″ Rosewood Hand Carved Bodhran Drum with Comfort Cross-Bar and durable Canvas
  2. Carry Case that has double zips and front pocket for your Beaters Collection. 
  3. FREE 9" Beater Tipper Stick 

Shipping: Bodhran Worldwide Delivery 7-10 Days (AU$49).  Australia - 3 Days - (AU$29)