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  • unleash powerful rhythm with  bodhran drum
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10 x Bodhran Lessons Gift Vouchers (Zoom/FaceTime available)( Best Value )

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Learn how to play bodhran from a top-class Bodhran player and performer. Join Kevin Kelly in a 1:1 bodhran lesson (60 minutes) to discover this incredible Irish drum and have fun getting into the drumming groove today! 

Best Value Offer

10 X Bodhran Lesson Gift Vouchers - was $750 save $255 = Now $495 

The Bodhrán is one of the most popular Irish musical instruments. Take this course and play the Bodhran instantly with Kevin Kelly. No musical experience is needed.

Why learn to play the Bodhran?
Playing Bodhran improves your coordination, making hand-eye focus pinpoint perfect, with quick reflexes, good balance, and an excellent sense of rhythm.

In these bodhrán lessons, you will very quickly learn how to play a simple rhythm for a reel, an Irish dance tune with 4 beats, and a jig, an Irish dance tune with 6 beats. After your first few lessons, you will be accompanying live Irish music.

Our Bodhran lessons include the following:

  • Holding the bodhrán correctly
  • Holding the beater
  • Basic Bodhran strokes and variations
  • Reel and jig patterns
  • Other traditional rhythms (polkas, hornpipes, slip jigs, etc.)
  • Left-hand technique and varying the pitch of your bodhrán
  • Bodhrán care and maintenance

By the end of this Bodhran course, you will have the confidence to play a variety of Irish traditional rhythms and accompany other instruments, both solo and in sessions.