Learn to play the Bodhran Irish Drum with Kevin Kelly - 5 Lesson Course

Learn to play the Bodhran Irish Drum with Kevin Kelly - 5 Lesson Course

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Join our 5 lesson course and see how quickly I can get you playing 

The Bodhrán is one of the most popular Irish musical instruments. Take this 5 lesson course and play the Bodhran instantly with Kevin Kelly. No musical experience is needed.

In person 1:1 and online Bodhran lessons are now available.

Why learn to play the Bodhran?

Playing Bodhran improves your coordination, making hand-eye focus pinpoint perfect, with quick reflexes, good balance, and an excellent sense of rhythm.

In these bodhrán lessons, you will very quickly learn how to play a simple rhythm for a reel, an Irish dance tune with 4 beats, and a jig, an Irish dance tune with 6 beats. After your first few lessons, you will be accompanying live Irish music.

Our Bodhran lessons include the following:

  • Holding the bodhrán correctly
  • Holding the beater
  • Basic Bodhran strokes and variations
  • Reel and jig patterns
  • Other traditional rhythms (polkas, hornpipes, slip jigs, etc.)
  • Left-hand technique and varying the pitch of your bodhrán
  • Bodhrán care and maintenance

By the end of this Bodhran course, you will have the confidence to play a variety of Irish traditional rhythms and accompany other instruments, both solo and in sessions.

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