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A simple guide to learning Bodhran

Your Coach

Kevin Kelly is the Founder of BodhranWorld and has been playing and teaching the Bodhrán since his early twenties. This Derry Born Musician grew up in the heart of the Sperrin Mountains where local traditional music greatly influenced his style of Bodhrán playing. 

Kevin has been performing to audiences for nearly two decades.  He has established himself as a renowned Bodhrán player and teacher. Through years of running corporate and private workshops and teaching countless students he has discovered the physical, mental and stress-relieving benefits of percussion. 

  • Why learn Bodhran?

    The Bodhrán is one of the most popular Irish musical instruments.

    Playing Bodhrán can improve your coordination, making your hand-eye focus pinpoint perfect, with quick reflexes, good balance and an excellent sense of rhythm.

    It's also a GREAT way to chill-out, unwind and de-stress. Oh and a fantastic social outlet.

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