Bodhran Learning Modules

The Bodhran (pronounced “Bow-rawn”) is an ancient hand-held Irish drum. Easy to learn, this versatile instrument has gained enormous popularity over the past decade.

Renowned instructor Kevin Kelly believes everyone has rhythm in them. Through years of running corporate and private workshops and teaching countless students he has discovered the physical, mental and stress-relieving benefits of percussion.

Kevin Kelly has been teaching the Bodhran for nearly two decades and he has developed BodhranWorld Modules. There are four 45 minute lessons in each module. Modules are a Step-by-Step approach when learning the Bodhran. They are designed to be straight forward informative and FUN. There’s lots of Rhythm Patterns, Jigs, Reels, Slip-Jigs and much much more.

Modules also look at playing technique, posture, volume control, triplet techniques, gaps and many more techniques.

Once you have successfully completed Modules 1-5 you will be sent a Framed Certificate from BodhranWorld signed by Kevin Kelly.