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5 Week Rhythm Activation Course with Kevin Kelly

5 Week Rhythm Activation Course with Kevin Kelly

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Unlock Your Rhythm in Just 10 Weeks!

Are you ready to tap into your inner drummer? Join Kevin Kelly, renowned Bodhran player and performer, in his exciting new 5 week Rhythm Activation course. This course is specifically designed to help you master the art of playing the Bodhran, an iconic Irish musical instrument.

With Kevin as your personal drumming coach, you'll embark on a transformative journey, discovering rhythm patterns, tackling weekly challenges, and much more! But hurry, spots are limited. Schedule a 15-minute discovery call today!

The Benefits You Can Expect:

1. Enhanced Coordination: Playing the Bodhran will elevate your hand-eye coordination, sharpening your focus, and boosting your reflexes. Plus, you'll develop a keen sense of rhythm, ensuring a seamless connection between mind and body.

2. Accessible for All: Don't worry if you have no prior musical experience. This course is designed to accommodate beginners and novices. Kevin will guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable learning curve.

3. Instant Irish Accompaniment: In just a few lessons, you'll be able to confidently accompany live Irish music. You'll learn the fundamentals of various Irish dance tunes, including reels and jigs, carrying the spirit of traditional music with every beat of your Bodhran.

What's Included in the 5 Week Rhythm Activation Course:

- Proven Teaching Method: Benefit from Kevin's expertly crafted teaching approach, personalised to meet your needs.

- Interactive 1:1 or Online Rhythm Sessions: Enjoy 10 engaging and dynamic sessions tailored to your learning style.

- Weekly Friday Rhythm Challenges: Push yourself to new heights and cement your progress with exciting challenges.

- Comprehensive Curriculum: Master the essentials, from holding the bodhrán correctly to executing various strokes and variations.

- Expanded Repertoire: Explore additional rhythms like polkas and slip jigs, expanding your musical horizons.

- Technique Refinement: Perfect your left-hand technique and discover ways to vary the pitch of your bodhrán, adding depth to your performances.

- Bodhrán Care and Maintenance: Learn how to properly maintain and care for your instrument, ensuring its longevity.

- Valuable Insights: Benefit from Kevin's wealth of experience gained from over 30 years of playing and performing.

- Guided Course Material: Easy-to-follow materials will accompany your journey, providing structure and clarity.

- Rhythm Party and Certificate: Celebrate your accomplishment with a rhythm-filled gathering and receive a certificate as a symbol of your achievement.

- 90-Day Transformation: Unleash your inner drummer and acquire a skill that will bring you joy for a lifetime. Currently 50% off until end of October 

- Avoid Youtube Pitfalls: Say goodbye to unreliable tutorials. With Kevin's guidance, you'll learn from an experienced mentor dedicated to your success.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from a legend in the Bodhran world. By the end of this 10 week course, you'll have the confidence and skills to play a variety of captivating Irish traditional rhythms. Join now and begin your journey towards becoming a respected Bodhran player, capable of astonishing audiences with your musical finesse.


  1. Connect with your Irish heritage: Playing the Bodhrán is a great way to embrace your Irish culture and connect with your heritage.

    2. Express yourself creatively: The Bodhrán allows for a wide range of creativity and expression, allowing you to explore your musical abilities and find your own unique sound.

    3. Develop your rhythm and timing: Learning to play the Bodhrán will sharpen your rhythm and timing skills, which are invaluable in any form of music.

    4. Learn to play with others: Bodhrán is often played in groups, providing you with the opportunity to collaborate and make music with other musicians.

    5. Enhance your cognitive abilities: Playing music has been linked to increased cognitive abilities such as improved memory, problem-solving, and multitasking skills.

    6. Exercise your coordination: Playing the Bodhrán requires coordination between your hands and feet, which can help improve your overall physical coordination.

    7. Improve your focus and mindfulness: Playing music requires you to be present and focused, which can help improve your mindfulness and overall well-being.

    8. Play a versatile instrument: The Bodhrán can be played in a variety of musical genres, making it a versatile instrument that can be used in a variety of settings.

    9. Experience the joy of making music: Playing music is a wonderful way to experience the joy of creating something beautiful and expressing yourself through sound.

    10. Connect with others through music: Playing the Bodhrán can help you connect with others who share a love of music, fostering a sense of community and belonging.


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