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  • Irish Drum Bodhrán - Relaxation Meditation Package
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Irish Drum Bodhran | Relaxation Guided Meditation Package - 16″ Bodhran, Carry case, Tipper and Meditation Drum CD

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Are you stressed? Do you sleep well?
Drumming for mindfulness and healing: a simple way to calm the mind, remove stress and heal yourself. BodhranWorld brings the two together — mindfulness and drumming — in this exclusive package. 

  • 16″ Rosewood Hand Carved Bodhran 
  • X-Comfort-Bar for Comfort
  • Strong Case With Front Pocket 
  • 9″ Beater Tipper Stick 
  • Kevin Kelly’s Guided Drumming & Meditation CD

A single session of meditation focused with bodhran drum beats exhibits how effective this ancient meditation method can be in our stressful modern lives. The powerful and compelling rhythms of the bodhran will calm and soothe the mind — quickening the path to mindfulness.